Biochar sustainably increases crop yields and sequesters historical carbon dioxide emissions
Horizontal bed biochar production kiln. This unit will a) produce biochar from nearly any feedstock b) condense wood vinegar from the raw syngas stream, c) crack and filter the raw syngas remaining after the condensation step to produce a clean mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, known as syngas, and d) optionally burn the syngas to generate electricity. Syngas can also be used as a replacement for natural gas or propane for heating purposes. Click the image above for more information.
Tilting batch kiln for easy manual biochar production. Our batch kiln is designed primarily for sticks or split wood. The tilting mechanism allows for easy loading and unloading. It is also possible to configure 3 units in a round robin fashion so that the excess heat from one is used to start the pyrolysis process in another. These units require no electricity, so they can be run in remote locations. They can also be mounted on and operated from a trailer.
A corn field with biochar ...
... and without biochar.