Biochar Consulting Team
Nando Breiter
Nando Breiter is the initiator and general manager of the CarbonZero Project, of which is a part, and has a strong interest in supporting the development of economically feasilbe biochar production and use at scale as a sensible and sustainable means to recycle carbon within our environment.
If you have questions about our technology or biochar consulting offers, contact Nando directly by email, nando [at], or by telephone at +41 76 303 44 77.
Nikolas Foidl
Nicolas Foidl is a physicist and engineer by training, but has pursued a deep and wide-ranging interest in novel agricultural and bioenergy techniques for the last few decades. As such, he is uniquely qualified to engineer pyrolysis systems to produce agricultural-grade biochar, and has developed a variety of practical, cost effective designs. He has also helped Moringa oleifera to be rediscovered as a source of animal feed and human food, especially for malnourished mothers and children.
He is a member of the advisory board of the Moringa Network and of the International Biochar Initiative.