Biochar Websites
Johannes Lehmann of Cornell University has been one of the leading research scientists involved with biochar. The site includes an extensive list of references to scientific papers related to biochar.
Cornell University Biochar Website
The International Biochar Initiative provides a platform for the international exchange of information and activities in support of biochar research, development, demonstration and commercialization.
Christoph Steiner, a biochar researcher now with the University of Georgia, maintains a website at with a variety of information about biochar.
A BBC television program back in 2002 that generated significant interest in biochar.
The Secret of El Dorado
Bio-Char Europe aims to promote the development of a large-scale bio-char industry within Europe.
BioEnergy Lists: Terra Preta (Biochar). Information on the intentional use of Biochar (charcoal) to improve soils.
An older website about terra preta from research conducted by the University of Bayreuth.
University of Bayreuth Terra Preta website
A website with some content in German and links to many biochar related videos.