Biochar In The News
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The Washington State Department of Natural Resources has issued a request for proposals (RFP) to demonstrate mobile pyrolysis technologies in the state. According to the RFP, funds for the project are through a grant made available by the USDA Forest Service. Proposals are due by Jan. 31.
Researchers report that wood biochar supercapacitors can produce as much power as today's activated carbon supercapacitors at a fraction of the cost, and with environmentally friendly byproducts.
USDA Agricultural Research Service research plant physiologist Steve Griffith says biochar made from Kentucky bluegrass showed an increased wheat yield and may have helped conserve moisture and raise soil pH. Using biochar as a soil amendment increased wheat yield from 26 bushels per acre on untreated soil to 67 bushels per acre.
Reducing mineral fertilisers and chemicals use in agriculture is a priority. Alternatives include safe biochar and compost produced from treated organic residues from plant and animal by-products.