Biochar Conferences
International Biochar Conference 2007
The first international biochar conference took place in April/May 2007 in Terrigal, Australia. The agenda and papers are available here.
Poster presentations from this conference can be found here.
International Biochar Conference 2008
The second international biochar conference was held in Newcastle, United Kingdom, September 8 - 10, 2008. The conference agenda and presentations can be viewed here.
Poster presentations from this conference can be found here.
SSSA Conference, October 2008
In October 2008, the joint meeting of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) with the Geological Society of America in Houston, TX included a three-day symposium entitled ?Black Carbon in Soils and Sediments: Formation, Stabilization, Abundance, and Environmental Function?. Most presentations from this conference are available here.
Asia Pacific Biochar Conference 2009
The First Asia Pacific Biochar conference was held on the Gold Coast, Australia (May 17 - 20). Papers and posters are available on the IBI website here.
The Australia and New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network also has material available from this conference here.
North American Biochar Conference 2009
The 2009 North American Biochar Conference was held in Boulder, Colorado from August 9 - 12, 2009. A website to provide access to the papers, posters and presentations from the conference, including video of all presentations, is here.